Monday, August 23, 2010

Angelique Chantale

I thought I would showcase my gorgeous sister, Angelique Chantale, in her Cozette Couture. She is wearing the taupe lace headwrap from my Vintage Collection. I have this in black, brown, cream, all sorts of pinks (of course), and many other colors and styles. I can also make the headwrap extra long if you want to wear as a sash. You can purchase in MY ETSY store.


  1. I absolutely need this! I love it as a sash around her waist! Too bad my waist does not look like Chantelles:) Once I get this baby out of my belly I am ordering!!!

  2. Suzette, I love the sash! I still would love to trade out some of your cute stuff for photography. Let's talk at Bunco. You are one super talented little missy!