Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Holiday Boutique

I am doing 6 shows this month, and the first one is this weekend. Holiday Boutique, October 1st and 2nd (friday and saturday), from 10am-6pm. This boutique should be fabulous and will have a ton of different vendors. Some of the things they will be selling are; crafts, magnet boards, purses, aprons, watches, jewelry, COZETTE COUTURE, designer jeans and clothing and more! The address is 18 Snow Forest Lane, Sandy (Pepperwood 10700 South). Hope to see you there! And yes, my HALLOWEEN headbands will be there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Giovanna Lou Continued...

I love working with Giovanna Lou. Snag up your Cozette Couture for your next photoshoot! A reminder.. if you dont see something in MY ETSY that you would like to buy, send me a quick message at and I will list it asap for you! Also, I have had a few questions about how to get to MY ETSY shop.. there is a link here on my blog in the top right corner. Add Cozette Couture on facebook for more updates as well!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giovanna Lou

Giovanna Lou photography + Cozette Couture = The perfect picture!! I am so happy with these pictures! Stephanie always does such a fantastic job. She is off maternity leave so book your session now.

These headbands are listed in MY ETSY. Also, if there is something you see here or on my facebook that isn't currently listed in MY ETSY for you to purchase, just send me a quick message and I will have it there for you asap. I have SO many different things and sometimes they sell out which removes them automatically from MY ETSY. Please feel free to message me with questions anytime.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Lindsay Evans from Irvine, California!

But don't you worry if you didn't win, my next giveaway will be before you know it!

And the WINNER is.......

drum roll......

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trick or Treat.. a Halloween Collection!

I really wanted to get some professional pictures done of these headbands before I posted them, but hey sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day! So these will have to do for now! This is a limited collection, so snag one up quick! These are all listed in MY ETSY, so hop on over and grab one quick. These look fab on babies, toddlers and adults. So make sure to specify size. Enjoy! And yes, my daughter still takes a bottle... don't judge! lol.

Last reminder about GIVEAWAY tomorrow. The headwrap up for grabs and giveaway details are a few posts back.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, so I am just kidding, the giveaway is not today, but it is only 2 days away.... SO, LAST CHANCE, to get your entries in! Make sure you become a follower (and this isn't just saying you are a follower, but actually signing in as a follower in the follower section in the right hand column), put as your facebook status, and do a blog post/shout out about Cozette Couture with a link for 3 entries!!

And things just wouldn't be the same if I didn't include a little sneak peak picture of our last photoshoot with Giovanna Lou.. Love, love, love her work. I will post a bunch more after the giveaway.

Monday, September 20, 2010

HALLOWEEN... a sneak peak!!

I thought I would tease you a little bit with my limited edition HALLOWEEN headbands!! I Love Halloween! Love the colors, the costumes, the parties, the black kitty cats (anyone who knows me knows this is true since I am a black cat almost every year), and of course.... the Halloween CANDY!! I will post more pictures when my daughter wakes up and I can throw these babies on her with her black tutu!!

Don't forget, only a few more days until my BLOG GIVEAWAY! If you haven't already participated, it isn't too late... followers get 1 entry, if write as your status update on facebook you get another, and a blog shout out another! But, don't forget to comment (under the giveaway post a few posts back) so I know how many you get! The blog giveaway is fabulous for this time of year! You will love it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Giovanna Lou

Giovanna Lou is one of my all time FAVORITE photographers! Stephanie does such great work, and is so creative! And honestly, could her little girl be one bit cuter? I don't think so! Loved these pictures! I can't wait to post more when I get them back... stay tuned. Check out her photography blog at and her website at You will be in love with her work. She is off maternity leave and is now booking sessions. All of these headbands are for sale in MY ETSY.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snag My Bog Button!

OK, so my blog button was maybe having an issue for a minute or two, but is all fixed now! YAY! So..... Please feel free to put my button on your blog! My button is in the left column, you just copy and paste it. Thanks so much!
So, I can't stand how darling this little girl is! Loving these pictures. Photography done my peekaboo photography. This green lace headband is in MY ETSY shop right now... so hop, skip and take a little jump on over there and buy it quick before I run out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abelia Photography

Loving these darling pictures done by Abelia Photography! She does a great job! What darling little babies.. just want to squish them! Purchase headband now in MY ETSY.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PARTAY reminder!

Don't forget about the Matilda Jane and Cozette Couture PARTAY tomorrow night! It is going to be fabulous! Everyone is invited, don't be shy.. and I might even have some yummy treats, just maybe!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Matilda Jane Trunk Show. and of course, Cozette Couture Too!

Listen Up Girls!!!! I am hosting a Matilda Jane party on Wednesday night (Sept. 15th ) from 6-8pm. I will have a TON of Cozette Couture available to buy as well. I am making stuff right as we speak, so..... new, fabulous, never before seen, headbands and hair accessories coming right up! I am putting together some stuff to coordinate with the Matilda Jane current line. Many people are unaware that Matilda Jane also has an adult line, so don't skip out on the party if you don't have a little girl. And of course, Cozette Couture is for ALL ages.... so hurry on over to One Cherry Woods Sandy (pepperwood), on Wednesday night and stock up on some darling must have items. In the mean time check out to get a little sneak peak. I attended a Matilda Jane show a few weeks ago and picked up this TO DIE for blue top for my daughter... can you stand it?? Bring your friends!

Happy Birthday Cozette!

For the princess who inspired this line of little lady accessories... Happy Birthday! I can't believe you are 2! Love you more and more everyday! Beautiful photography done by Giovanna Lou.