Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Fall Line Now Available!!!


Autumn Dream extravaganza headband. This headband was made to coordinate with the new Matilda Jane fall collection, You and Me. It is embellished with rosettes, pearls, feathers, vintage netting and lace. Coz

Buy this headband Here!

headband1Fall Leaf Headband. This headband is made to coordinate with the Matilda Jane fall line, You and Me!!! It is made on wide tan lace and is embellished with a burnt orange flower and rosettes.


Buy this headband here!

Wonderful Photography done by the talented Katie Moss at Peakaboo Photos. Love her work!


  1. hey suzette these aren't from matilda jane :) just thought I'd let you know... but it matches this cute collection too.

  2. Yes I know. These headbands were created to coordinate with the Matilda Jane line, You and Me, as well as the clothing collection Persnickety. Thanks!