Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Spring Line.

Spring is just around the corner and Cozette Couture would like to introduce her new and amazing spring line made to match Persnickety and Matilda Jane spring line.


*Photo taken by the talented Giovanna Lou

This headband is absolutely stunning! It is perfect for all types of occasions for all times of the year. It is definitely a must have! It is embellished with velvet, corduroy, lace and pearls.

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*Photos Taken by the talented Peekaboophotos.

This headband is so fun and magnificent for photo shoots. It is so darling!! It is embellished with chenille pom poms, feathers, flowers and rosettes! This creation would be perfect for weddings and birthdays as well and is sure to turn some heads :)

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This headband is one of our favorites!!! It is so darling and is packed full of all sorts of goodies :).. It includes several different styles of flowers, feathers, pearls and vintage lace scraps!!!

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This headband is adorable for spring. Embellished with rosettes, vintage lace scraps and feathers.

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*Photo taken by the talented Skye Johansen Photography.

This headband is gorgeous! Especially for the girl who dreams in aqua such as myself! it is perfect for a bride on her wedding day and perfect for children!!!

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~ Cozette Couture

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